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"George brought me the most beautiful white bouquet for a psychic event I was hosting in Hollywood. The flowers he picked for me did enhance the appearance of the table, in fact, whenever George creates an arrangement for you, you know it's going to be luxurious, upscale, generous and full of light".

- Raphael Pathe, West Hollywood, CA

"Your floral creations, because they are creations and not arrangements are beautiful. Your creations remind me of a movie I once saw called "Como Agua para Chocolate".

- Javier Avita, Pasadena, CA

"George has done has done 4 large FIDM Alumni events with over 200 attendees. At each event people coveted his creations so much people were trying to make arrangements, just after arriving, to take them home! His floral works of art are so luxe they heighten the ambiance of any event. He uses only quality flowers in dense arrangements with little filler. The result is something that will leave you smiling. I highly recommend George's work. With great respect".


- Bill Cliatt, Alumni Relations Director at FIDM

"George Martinez is such a gifted florist in that he listens carefully to the very specific arrangement desires of his clients and always accommodates accordingly. His bouquets are stunningly beautiful, chosen with care, even considering how the beautiful scent of a particular flower will enhance the work space. He uses color palettes that please his clients and is more than generous with the amount of flowers and greenery that he will use. George Martinez is the floral equivalent of having a personal tailor".

- Shannon Dunne, LACC

"George will make your whole event into a whimsical dream! His attention to detail is unmatched. He can turn any simple get together into something magical. From the scents of each flower, to the vases, his creations are always made with love and care. He has a passion for what he does and his work will always show it".

- Leslie Rojas, Founder MAD.LA (Making A Difference Los Angeles)

"The flowers are so elegant and beautiful! They truly light up the room, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"!!!

- Linda Sanchez-Ontiveros, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much George for making this amazing arrangement today! Fills me with joy to have such a beautiful bouquet of my favorite colors".

- Edvin, Newport Beach, CA

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